DIFF 2018 - Legend of the bridges
Update: Apr 23, 2018
(TITC) - Following success of Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2017, DIFF 2018 will take place during 2 months, from 30 April to 30 June 2018 with many new features. 

(Photo: Internet)

DIFF 2018 attracts the participations of 8 countries and territories, including Viet Nam, Poland, France, U.S.A, Italy, Hong Kong (China), Sweden and Portugal. In addition to the teams that achieved great results at the previous DIFF, DIFF 2018 also has the attendances of new teams.

With the theme “Legend of the bridges”, DIFF 2018 includes 5 nights, namely Love, Time, Happiness, Desire and Friendship. It will offer audiences the cultural stories on bridges of 8 participants.

At the opening night of DIFF 2018 on 30 April, there will be the performances of two teams of Viet Nam and Poland, followed by French and American on 26 May, Italy and Hong Kong on 2 June, Sweden and Portugal on 9 June. Two best teams will be selected to participate in the final on 30 June.

After nearly 10 years of organization and renovation, Da Nang has built the brand “City of Fireworks”, making DIFF into one of the most expected festival of the year. The organizers expect DIFF 2018 will attract more visitors to Da Nang City during two months of the festival and gradually join in the system of culture, art, sports and recreation festivals according standards of International Festival Forum (IFF) of UNESCO.

In addition, during two months of DIFF 2018, visitors will have more opportunities to visit and experience special tourist sites and services of Da Nang City.

Thu Giang