Ao dai festival honour charm of traditional dress
Update: May 03, 2018
An Ao dai (traditional long dress) festival was held at the Bia Quoc Hoc stage on May 1 as part of the on-going Hue Festival 2018.

An Ao dai performance at the festival (Photo:

The event was themed ‘Golden Hue’ and featured more than 400 outfits by 10 Vietnamese leading Ao dai designers from across the country.

The show also included music performances by pop stars and young singers and dancers.

The festival was aimed at promoting traditional cultural values as well as the beauty and grace of the traditional dress, as well as to honour people who have been engaging in the preservation of the Ao dai.

Themed “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development: Hue - One Destination, Five World Heritage”, the Hue Festival 2018, the 10th of its kind, istaking place from April 27 to May 2.

Hue City was the imperial capital of Viet Nam for hundreds of years. It is home to five UNESCO-recognised heritage, namely the Hue ancient citadel relic complex – a World Cultural Heritage site; Nha Nhac (Hue royal court music) - an intangible cultural heritage item; Nguyen Dynasty’s wood blocks – a documentary heritage item; Nguyen Dynasty’s Chau ban (royal administrative documents) – part of the Asia-Pacific Register of UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme; and literature on Hue royal architecture - a documentary heritage.