Ponagar Tower Festival 2018 opens
Update: May 08, 2018
On May 6 2018, people along the Southern Central region flocked to Nha Trang City to join the opening ceremony of the Ponagar Tower (Thap Ba) Festival 2018.

People flocking to Nha Trang for Ponagar Tower Festival (Photo: news.zing.vn)

Held around the 20th to 23th days of the third lunar month each year, the festival is dedicated to Goddess Ponagar, considered the Mother of the land. Ponagar Tower has also been a well-known tourist attraction in Nha Trang City. Therefore, on the first day of the festival, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the site. Among them, a lot reached the site to pay respect and tribute to the Mother of the land for bringing livelihood to people in the Southern Central region.

As a major cultural event of the region, the  festival is held solemnly for several days, featuring various special cultural activities of the Cham ethnic people.

Ponagar Tower in Nha Trang City is a religious architectural site built by the Cham ethnic people from the ninth to the 13th centuries and as such, the festival always attracts the participation of a lot of Cham people.

The festival this year will run until May 8.