Delicious summer refreshment of Viet Nam’s sweet soups
Update: May 29, 2018
Che com (sweetened green rice), Che hat sen (sweet lotus seed), and Che khuc bach (pudding) are some of the delicious sweet soups you should not miss while visiting Viet Nam in the summer.

Che dua non thach la dua (Young coconut and pandan jelly sweet soup) is a great combination of young coconut and jelly. The cool sweet soup is a wonderful refreshment in the summer months.

Che khuc bach (pudding sweet soup) combined with the fruit has a cool, sweet taste.

Che buoi (grapefruit sweet soup) is popular due to its sweet and delicious flavours of grapefruit, green beans, and fatty coconut.

Che Thai (Thai sweet soup) is a mixture of Thai fruit, attracting food lovers every summer.

Che do den (black bean sweet soup) has been known in Viet Nam for many years. It is popular favourite thanks to its delicious taste. The soup also helps everyone feel cooler and prevents many diseases.

Che suong sa hat luu (mixed sweet soup) is chosen for its colour and flavoursome ingredients such as young coconut, pandan, and jelly.

Chen ngo (corn sweet soup) is simple to make, it is a special popular drink in the summer.

Che hat sen (lotus seed sweet soup) is good for your health, it can be combined with other ingredients to make a delicious mixed sweet soup.

Che bi do (red pumpkin sweet soup) is nutritious and rich in vitamins. It is a perfect summer refreshment.

Che com (sweetened green rice sweet soup) is a tasty combination of green rice and coconut, and a popular delicacy in Ha Noi.