Ky Co beach’s pristine beauty enthralls visitors
Update: Jul 19, 2018
(TITC) – Located at the foot of Phuong Mai Mountain (Nhon Ly Commune, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province), Ky Co beach has been becoming one of the best choices for visitors.   

Driving about 25km from Quy Nhon City’s centre to the northeast, visitors reach Eo Gio (Nhon Ly Commune), and then pick a canoe or a boat to get to Ky Co beach where you can explore a gigantic painting with blue ocean, white sand and sunshine.

Ky Co beach stretches and curves like crescent shape with three sides facing the mountains. From a distance, visitors can admire spectacular view with majestic mountains, shady trees. Getting closer to the sea, you will feel relaxed with an airy and cool atmosphere.

Notably, Ky Co is really impressive by the different segmentations of colors of seawater when seeing from offshore to the coastal area that come into dark blue, ocean blue and pure jade green, etc.

On the two seashores, rocks protruding on the water created amazing canyons or erected into rows or submerged into shallow holes. Some rocks abraded by seawater formed large holes that look like exotic caves.

Visiting Ky Co beach, visitors should try rowing basket boats, diving, fishing on canoes and explore the life of fishermen. Also, you should enjoy typical local foods such as grilled abalone, steamed crab or squid, etc. which are served by friendly local people.

Exploring Ky Co beach and surrounding areas including Eo Gio, Yen Island, Trung Luong camping area will bring you a wonderful experience in summer in Quy Nhon.

The best time to visit Ky Co is from April to September.

Thanh Tam