Tran Quoc pagoda - Ha Noi tourist attraction
Update: Jul 24, 2018
Known as one of the icons of Ha Noi, Tran Quoc Pagoda attracts crowds of Buddhists followers and domestic and international tourists throughout the year.  

Built in the sixth century, Tran Quoc pagoda is the most ancient of the 600 or so pagodas and temples in the capital city.

The pagoda sits on an islet within West Lake in Tay Ho district. It is distinguished by its historical and architectural values, becoming a sacred place for locals and a popular religious attraction for foreign visitors.

Tim Jupp, a tourist from the UK, expressed how impressed he was by the age of the pagoda and the early development of Vietnamese religion.

“I think Viet Nam is very advanced and early. It very impressive to see how beautiful it is inside the pagoda,” Tim said.

Meanwhile, Mark Sentovich, a visitor from the US enjoyed the way Vietnamese people practice their religion while visiting the Buddhist worship place.

“It is very interesting to see Vietnamese people pray and show their respects at the pagoda,” Mark said.

Tran Quoc pagoda is renowned for its architecture. The high stupa called "Bao Thap" (Precious Stupa) is among its outstanding features. The stupa was built in 1998. It has 11 floors and is 15 metres high.

Raymond Fletcher, a visitor from Australia was attracted by the history of the pagoda of nearly 1,500 years old while being curious about its good shape after such a long period of time.

“It is marvelous to see the pagoda, how old it is but how new it looks,” Raymond said.

The pagoda was listed among the world’s 16 most beautiful pagodas by British newspaper the Daily Mail in 2016.

Travel site Thrillist also named the pagoda among a list of 11 “stunningly gorgeous” pagodas around the world.