Discovering Da Nang’s cuisine
Update: Aug 01, 2018
Da Nang is known as a highly livable city, a city with many unique bridges and interesting attractions, but it is also an attractive destination for visitors looking to try its rich and varied cuisine. "Food Paradise" in Da Nang is full of delicious dishes, from the entremets to their main courses. There are countless choices for visitors to satisfy their culinary dreams. Moreover, because the city is bordered by the sea, its cuisine is diversified; with novel methods for processing and using raw materials.  

Quang noodles

Visitors can’t talk about Da Nang, without Quang noodles. Thick and large rice noodles create the soul for the dish. Quang noodles do not have "fixed" ingredients, and vary to taste, such as the combination of noodles and pork chop, or the combination of noodles and frog. However, the most popular is noodles with chicken, eggs, and meat. Especially, roasted peanuts and crispy rice paper with sesame are indispensable ingredients.

Da Nang’s Thit Heo Cuon Banh Trang

With a simple processing that can suit everyone’s tastes, Da Nang’s Thit Heo Cuon Banh Trang (belly pork and vegetables wrapped in soft rice paper) is famous for its carefully selected ingredients that create a perfect flavour harmony. Pork butt or shoulder are steamed to keep their sweet taste. Vegetables served with Thit Heo Cuon Banh Trang must be fresh, such as lettuce, basil, houttuynias, small spring onions, mints, Polygonum aviculares, bean sprouts, julienned banana flowers, cucumbers, and green bananas. Especially, Mam Nem (a type of fish sauce with a strong smell made from small fish) - an irreplaceable sauce of Thit Heo Cuon Banh Trang giving it an unforgettable flavour.

Da Nang’s pancakes

Da Nang’s pancakes are not too small nor too big, just a medium size. The pancake is made from rice flour, egg yolks and turmeric powder and molded on a hot pan. Fillings are carefully selected, made only from live shrimp, bacon half fat and half lean, and fresh bean sprouts. Clean vegetables including lettuce, basil, green banana, and young mustard. Crispy and fleshy pieces of cake mingled with sweetness of shrimp and pork, fresh vegetables and young bananas will give the visitors an unforgettable experience.

Round scad fish

Round scad fish have less bones and more flesh which is sweet and fat. Aiming to keep enough fresh taste and sweet of scad, the fish is usually steamed, served with Banh trang (rice paper), and water spinach.

Bo cuon la lot

Visitors to Da Nang should also try Bo cuon la lot (Grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf) and nem lui (minced pork grilled on lemongrass sticks) that are listed in the "top" list of culinary delights. The dishes can be eaten separately or wrapped in banh trang (rice paper) and vegetables.

Beef hot pot

It can be said that Da Nang beef hot pot is a favourite of the people living in the city. Beef hot pot includes meat, ox tail, mushrooms, and eggs. It is served with vegetables and egg noodles.

Seafood dishes

In addition to regional specialties, visitors to Da Nang should not overlook its rich variety of seafood dishes.

Da Nang dried Netuma thalassina fish

After marinating the spices for 30 minutes, Da Nang dried Netuma thalassina fish has a salty smell of fish sauce mixed with the sweetness of sugar and spicy pepper.

Bo kho

The breakfast of most people in Da Nang, bo kho (Vietnamese beef stew), is carefully processed with a variety of ingredients, creating a strong flavor for the dish. Beef is sliced, cooked with carrots, and the egg's rich aroma. The dish is eaten with bread.

Peanut candy

Peanut candy is still a specialty that visitors always choose to buy as gifts. Although it is simple it mixes the sweetness of sugar cane and the aromatic smell of peanuts.


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