Tam Dao – a small town in the clouds
Update: Aug 02, 2018
(TITC) – Located in the northern province of Vinh Phuc, Tam Dao Town has been considered as a miniature Sa Pa or Da Lat and becoming more attractive to visitors with cool climate.  

Overview of Tam Dao Town

Tam Dao Town features ancient architectures built by the French in late 19th century combining with modern style of new buildings. In addition, the town boasts potentials of leisure tourism, eco-tourism and spiritual tourism with a range of interesting attractions namely Sky Gate, Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac), Golden Pagoda (Chua Vang), Lord of Jungle (Chua Thuong Ngan) Temple, Stone Church, Television Station tower, etc.

Arriving at Tam Dao, visitors should not miss a chance to experience night market to buy souvenirs and enjoy local foods. At the night market, almost visitors are attracted by barbecued foods such as sweet potatoes, sugarcanes, bamboo-tube rice (com lam), pork, chicken, vegetables, especially chayote - a famous specialty of Tam Dao.

Almost visitors are attracted by barbecued foods at night market

Chayote has been a staple agricultural product in Tam Dao Town which is planted around the hills. It can be cooked into varied dishes from the fruit, leaves or shoots of chayote as boiling, stir fries, grilling with meat. Besides, local people also use chayote to make cakes as gifts for visitors.

Currently, it can be seen many positive changes in Tam Dao Town such as building a new spacious square instead of a vacant land; gathering night markets into a common area.

Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac) - an interesting attraction of Tam Dao

Located not far from Ha Noi capital and thanks to convenient transportation, Tam Dao has lured an increasing number of visitors, particularly at weekends. According to Vinh Phuc Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the town has 86 hotels and hostels operating with nearly 1,600 rooms. The town receives approximately 1 million visitor arrivals each year; tourism receipts reach about VND100 billion.

Also, Tam Dao is boosting investment in infrastructure and improvement of service quality to meet the visitors’ demands.

Tam Dao has been becoming an ideal destination for visitors of all ages, from leisure and sightseeing tourism for middle-aged ones to romantic scenes for couples or exploring activities for younger people, etc.

Thanh Tam