Embroidery Art Museum in Hue
Update: Aug 06, 2018
The XQ Embroidery Art Museum in Hue city attracts both tourists and artists. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore and experience traditional Vietnamese embroidery craft.  

Located by the Huong (Perfume) river, the museum transforms into a magically sparkling venue at night, under the neon lights. Truong Vi Luong, a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city, says he is impressed by embroidery works at the museum: “These embroidery pictures are unique and inspiring, making you feel like you are in a particular world of art. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle outside, you can enjoy the art here.”

The museum displays nearly 400 works of art, artifacts, photos, documents, various types of embroidered pictures, double-sided embroidered pictures, thread sculptures and other relevant artifacts. Most of the embroidery works are doubled sided, still life, landscape, portrait, flower, and philosophy pictures. They tell stories about the history of the embroidery craft, the preservation and promotion of the craft, and the beauty and talent of Hue women.

With an outdoor exhibition area surrounded by gardens of flowers and a wide variety of trees, the museum also holds festivals and cultural events, such as Perfume River Water Processing and Hue traditional arts exchanges, organized every Friday and Saturday. Visitors to the museum also have the chance to talk to embroidery artisans to explore their craft, get a first-hand look at their embroidery techniques, and to see just how talented they are. Vo Van Quan is Director General of the XQ Vietnam Company: “The museum displays the traditional art of embroidery and showcases the delicacy, skills, and aesthetics of Vietnamese women. It is a cultural legacy of embroiderers who hand down the craft to their children and teach them to live responsibly.”

In the early 1990s, artisans Vo Van Quan and his wife Hoang Le Xuan were the pioneers for a breakthrough in Vietnamese silk paintings, by combining painting and the embroidery arts. The establishment of the XQ Embroidery Art Museum reflects their passion for embroidery.  The museum has become a tourist attraction in Hue ancient city.