Bat Xat Fall Festival 2018 kicks off in Lao Cai
Update: Aug 21, 2018
The Bat Xat Fall Festival 2018 opened in Muong Hum commune, Bat Xat district of the northern mountainous of Lao Cai on August 19, offering visitors a series of ethnic tribal life experience and adventure activities.  

Terraced rice fields in Bat Xat, Lao Cai

During the festival, which runs through September 1, local people and visitors can join a number of exciting activities, such as a mountain climbing competition entitled “Conquering Lao Than Mount” and exploring Do waterfall in Den Sang commune, Pa Vi ancient stone road in Sang Ma Sao, “cho phien Y Ty” (Y Ty fair) and terraced rice fields in The Pa Valley in Y Ty commune.

Nestled against 2,700 m Nhi Cu San Mountain, Y Ty, one of the poorest communes in Bat Xat, rarely sees the sun and is often covered by dense white clouds. It is renowned for terraced rice fields that rise and fall on the hills, beautiful all year round.

“Cho phien Y Ty” is organised every Saturday, where ethnic minority people come to exchange goods, sell handmade brocades and farm produce, and buy items they need.

The 2nd Bat Xat Fall Festival will also host for the first time a parachute show, a tour of a silver carving village in Seo Po Ho, Muong Hum commune and an off-road bike racing in Lung Po.

The festival is held to promote the distinctive culture of ethnic minority people in Lao Cai and tourist attractions in Bat Xat, a mountainous border district of the province that is blessed with the large area of primitive forest and a rich diversity of flora and fauna

The district is also home to a number of ethnic minority groups, like Giay, Dao, H’mong and Ha Nhi, who have their own lifestyles, customs and seasonal festivals. Their unique folk songs, dances and games have been preserved for generations and enthralled many tourists when coming here.