Central Highlands Gongs Festival 2018 to be held in Gia Lai
Update: Aug 21, 2018
(TITC) – From 9-11 November 2018, with the theme “Gongs and Central Highlands Folk Festival”, Central Highlands Gongs Festival 2018 will be held by Gia Lai Province.  

The event aims to honor the cultural space of gongs in the Central Highlands - the UNESCO recognition of Gong space as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

In the framework of the Festival, many activities will be organized, such as: street festival, performances of some rituals, traditional festivals of 11 ethnic minorities, performance of gong’s sound tuning art; traditional folk sculpture; workshop on conservation of cultural values of gongs; exhibitions and performances of ethnic costumes…

On this occasion, travel agencies will introduce new tours, community based tours to serve visitors. Coming to Gia Lai, visitors will have a chance to visit beautiful tourist spots as well as to explore the life of ethnic minorities.

Thu Thuy