Second Lang Biang pink grass festival scheduled for late November
Update: Oct 15, 2018
The Central Highlands province of Lam Dong has agreed to allow the Lac Duong district to host the Second Lang Biang Pink Grass Festival 2018, which is scheduled to begin in late November.  

On the Dankia - Suoi Vang pink grass hill

This is the second time that the festival will be held in Lam Dong, with an aim to make a new interesting destination and introduce the beautiful natural beauty of Lang Biang Plateau to visitors.

The event will be held during the blooming season of the unique pink grass, which only grows wildly in Lac Duong and nearby locales in late November and early December each year. The festival is scheduled from November 23 to December 2, in the area of Dankia - Suoi Vang Lake, Lac Duong town, Lac Duong district.

The pink grass hills have become a must-visit destination for many young people each year

The organisers will set up romantic corners for people to visit and take photos on natural grass hills, as well as organising a traditional horse race without saddles by the ethnic Co Ho people and a photo exhibition on pink grass.

The Lam Dong authorities asked Lac Duong to mobilise additional social funding for the organisation of the event, in addition to focusing on protecting the natural landscape, promoting local cultural values and allowing local people and visitors to visit the grass hills free of charge.

The beauty of the Lang Biang pink grass landscape

In November 2017, the first-ever Pink Grass Festival took place in the area of Dankia - Suoi Vang, roughly 15 km from the Da Lat city’s centre tourist attraction.

A closer look at the unique pink grass, which only blooms in Lac Duong
and nearby locales in late November and early December each year

Pink grass, a wild lawn in pink combined with a purple colour, only turns pink in Lac Duong once a year. In the last few years, nature lovers of the Lang Biang Plateau have recorded the beauty of the local grass and have shared the spectacle through many information channels, making domestic and international tourists wish to step on the hillside full of pink grass in early winter.


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