Mexican sunflower festival kicks off in Gia Lai province
Update: Nov 12, 2018
The Chu Dang Ya Volcano Mexican sunflower festival officially opened on the night of November 10 in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai.  

Mexican sunflowers at Chu Dang Ya Volcano in Gia Lai province

Visitors attending the festival will have an opportunity to appreciate the spectacular natural scenery of the bright yellow Mexican flowers in full bloom and experience the culture, arts and food that are typical of the ethnic communities in the Central Highlands.

The event, which runs until November 13, offers visitors an insight into the local customs and traditional festivals, such as the new rice celebrations, gong performances, rattan and bamboo weaving, brocade weaving, sculpture and the making of traditional musical instruments.

The Mexican flower festival was named by the Viet Nam Record Association as one of the most attractive destinations in Gia Lai province. When the Mexican flowers are in blossom, it is a sign that the dry season has arrived.

As part of the Gong Festival, the Chu Dang Ya Volcano Mexican sunflower festival helps to promote the landscape of Gia Lai and conserve the traditional lifestyle of ethnic minority groups in the province.


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