Salt field shrub – a Nghe An specialty
Update: Nov 25, 2019
About 250km from Ha Noi, Quynh Bang Commune in the central province of Nghe An is home to a tasty surprise ahead.
Nhot vegetables can be savoured as a side dish with rice cakes, Nghe An stuffed pancakes and vermicelli with shrimp paste
And if you are a food lover, do not delay, because a surprise here means great food.
Wandering around the salt fields along brackish marshes and shrimp ponds, be careful not to step on plants that look like moss rose.
They are ‘nhot’, a treasure of the people in Nghe An.
This wild vegetable has been providing an income for the locals for many years.
From this fresh vegetable, plenty of delicious dishes are created. Chef Hoang Kim Anh has been serving ‘nhot’ salad for 20 years. “Making a nhot salad is simple. It doesn’t need expensive ingredients, just a little bit of sesame, peanuts, carrots and basic spices,” Anh said.
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