Ca Mau Cape Culture – Tourism Week 2019 opens
Update: Dec 11, 2019
The Ca Mau Cape Culture – Tourism Week 2019 officially kicked off at Ca Mau Cape Cultural Park, Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau Province, on December 10.

At the event (

The opening ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and former Party and State leaders.
Speaking at the ceremony, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasised that Ca Mau is a land rich in revolutionary tradition, possessing many potentials, especially diverse forest and sea resources, and the generous and hospitable Ca Mau people. The great potentials of people and nature are the ideal premise for Ca Mau to exploit and develop culture and tourism.
Through the series of activities under the framework of Ca Mau Cape Cultural - Tourism Week 2019, the Prime Minister expressed his hope that Ca Mau will make better use of the opportunities to introduce and promote the inherent potentials to the localities across the country and international friends, contributing to promotion of smokeless industry.
The Ca Mau Cape Cultural and Tourism Week 2019 takes place from December 10 to 15. The event’s important highlight is the Food Festival associated with Ca Mau Trade and Tourism Fair 2019.
After a period of urgent construction, the work on the Hanoi Flag Tower at Mui Ca Mau has now been completed. The inauguration ceremony of the project took place on the evening of 10-12. Attending the inauguration ceremony were Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and a number of former comrades who were Party and State leaders.
On the same day, the inauguration ceremony of the Hanoi flag tower at Ca Mau Cape took place.
PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended the ceremony.
The inauguration aims to show the deep affection of Hanoi capital towards the land of Ca Mau Cape, and help strengthen the promotion and introduction to localities throughout the country and international friends about the potentials and strengths of economic, cultural and tourism development of Ca Mau in the process of innovation and integration.
Work on the symbolic project of the Hanoi flag tower at Ca Mau Cape started in January 2016 in Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District.
The Hanoi flag tower is designed to simulate the architecture of the ancient Hanoi flag tower.
The building is multi-purpose. There is an area for serving festival performances, a ladder leading to the flag tower to serve tourists, and a display area for artifacts and historical documents.
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