Phong Dien floating market: An interesting stop for visitors to Mekong delta region
Update: Dec 13, 2019
Around 17 km from the downtown of Can Tho city, Phong Dien floating market is bustling with people and boats very early every day at the first gleam of dawn.  
The market opens very early every day at the first gleam of dawn.
Each of the boat at the market is hung with ‘cay beo’ - a long pole which is attached with a bunch of fruits or flowers atop so that customers can see which goods are sold and are on sale on the boat from a distance. On offer on the boats include fresh fruits, daily utensils, as well as authentic local dishes such as ‘hot vit lon’ (balut), noodles, duck salad, hu tiu’ (noodles with pig's bones) as well as coffee and other morning beverages.
A boat full of fresh fruits at the market
A trader transport goods from large boats to smaller ones
Having a hot bowl of noodle on a boat is an interesting experience for tourists
The market closes when the sky is fully glowed with sunlight
Foreign visitors enjoy a boat trip to the market
Photo credit: Khieu Minh
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