Viet Nam’s Ao Dai to be highlighted at Hue Festival 2020
Update: Dec 19, 2019
A programme honouring Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese long dress) will be held under the framework of the Hue Festival 2020 with an aim to promote people’s participation in community arts performances and programmes.
Viet Nam’s Ao Dai to be highlighted at Hue Festival 2020 (Photo:
Accordingly, the programme will include an incense offering to Lord Nguyen Phuc Khoat (1714-1765) and Emperor Minh Mang (1791-1841). It is believed that the ‘Ao Dai’ was created under the rule of Nguyen Phuc Khoat, during the Nguyen Lords rule (1558-1777).
Later in 1837, Minh Mang, the Nguyen Dynasty’s second king, issued a decree to make the ao dai a national dress for all regions. He instructed all people to wear the garment on a daily basis, not just for special occasions.
A show featuring Ao Dai designs from the past and the present will take place along Truong Tien Bridge, around Tinh Tam Lake and Co Ha Garden to introduce to the public to the charm of the traditional Vietnamese outfit.
The programme will also encourage Hue women, female civil workers and students to wear Ao Dai during the Hue Festival 2020, which will be observed from April 1 to 6, 2020.
Under the theme "Cultural Heritage in Integration and Development – Always a New Hue", the Hue festival 2020 will mark the 20th year for the festival, which has been established one of the biggest cultural and arts events in the country.
The 2020 event is expected to feature the diversification of both traditional and contemporary art and cultural performances. The event will also provide a chance to promote tourism and boost socio-economic development in the ancient city of Hue.
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