Mui Ne sand dunes: a paradise of wind, sand and sunshine
Update: Oct 07, 2020
(TITC) - Located about 22km north east of Phan Thiet City, Mui Ne is a popular tourist attraction of Binh Thuan Province which is also called “Sand Paradise” with splendid sand dunes, blue sea and special foods.

Viet Nam has one of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia. That is Mui Ne beach – a paradise for honeymoon”, Skyscanner website confirmed.

Mui Ne was also known with flying sand dunes under the effect of wind, spreading like primitive desert of Africa with dozen of colors as white, yellow, brown, red…18 shades of sand color has been found in Mui Ne bringing creative inspiration to poets, painting artists and photographers…

To contemplate the vast of sand dunes, tourists can hire a thin sheet of plastic to slide down on sand from top of the hill- a fantastic game. With sunny weather, suitable time to get there is around 7- 8 am when the temperature is 25-27 degrees C.

Besides Sand Paradise, Mui Ne has a lot of famous tourist attractions such as Ganh Son beach, Ta Cu Mountain, Bau Trang Lake… Mui Ne also attracts tourists thanks to delicious fresh seafood.

According to the Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, visitors to Binh Thuan in Feb 2014 estimated 330,000 arrivals including 48,060 int’l arrivals of which Russian occupied 32.87%, Chinese (26.49%), German (6.56%), South Korean (4.08%), French (2.64%), USA (2.43%), English (2.22%),  Australian (2.08%)… In the first 2 months of 2014, Binh Thuan tourism welcomed over 655,000 arrivals, up 11% over the same period of 2013.

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