Attracting community-based tourism in Tea Land of Thai Nguyen
Update: Mar 08, 2021
Thai Nguyen Province is known for its immense tea fields and various kinds of tea products. Taking advantage of this, Thai Nguyen tourism is developing many products associated with ecotourism and community-based tourism in order to preserve and promote the ethnic cultural values and also the tea products to many visitors.
Thai Nguyen Province is located about 80km north of Ha Noi. The province has natural conditions very suitable for well-growing tea trees that are the basis for creating high quality tea products.
It is estimated that Thai Nguyen has more than 20,000 hectares of tea specialized in cultivation with an output of about 240,000 tons. The whole province has more than 65 cooperatives, over 120 tea production companies and nearly 200 tea villages with many products that have won international awards. The famous green tea hills of Thai Nguyen are merely agricultural products of the Northern Midlands and Mountains Region, and also gradually becoming tourist products, loved by domestic and foreign visitors.
Currently, Thai Nguyen Province has been promoting tourism in combination with tea culture and products through the improvement of community-based tourism in Tan Cuong tea area in Thai Nguyen City, organization of Thai Nguyen Tea Festival from 2011 up to now. These activities have contributed to promoting tea products as well as attracting a large number of visitors coming to Thai Nguyen.
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Harvesting tea buds in Tan Cuong, Thai Nguyen Province
The green tea fields have become an indispensable destination for visitors to explore in Thai Nguyen. Here, visitors are immersed in the fresh green space with the faint scent of tea, as well as have many interesting experiences when ‘transforming’ into tea growers harvesting green tea buds. In particular, many tea production establishments also introduce and serve visitors with many attractive activities suitable for different ages and groups such as families with children, the elderly, large groups, etc.
Coming to Thai Nguyen, visitors should visit the Tan Cuong Tea Cultural Space where keeps documents and artifacts related to tea in the flow of history, and also honors and promotes tea cultivation. In addition, visitors can experience at tea production establishments, participate in tea harvest and processing and especially enjoy delicious tea cups with local people.
According to the scientists, Thai Nguyen tea has ingredients including caffeine, theophylline, theanine, theobromine, polyphenol, EGCG which help for good health such as improved memory, conscious, relax, reducing stress, and antioxidants...
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