Having fun and a massage at Da Giang Stream
Update: Apr 14, 2009
After you have spent time playing in the waves and on the beautiful beaches of Khanh Hoa Province, the soothing waters of Da Giang Stream are sure to revive you after a long journey.

I know this from personal experience: when I was coming back from the coastal city last month I had my body massaged by the currents of the pristine stream that is about 20km or less than a one hour drive from the heart of Nha Trang City.

Da Giang Stream is nestled in a quiet valley amidst forested mountains and hills on the winding road that connects National Highway 1A and the top of Hon Ba Mountain in Suoi Cat Commune in Dien Khanh District.

The road is itself an interesting experience for nature lovers and photographers. It runs by the Suoi Dau Lake, whose beauty and the surroundings are often likened to the landscapes in Switzerland.

When you reach Da Giang Stream you may be surprised at the fun you’ll have, drifting downstream with the current. As the saying goes “seeing is believing”, I heard many adults and children shouting with excitement as they floated down the river.

However, if you prefer a more relaxing activity you can sit or lie under the small waterfalls with your head back and have your back and shoulders massaged, rather like sitting in a Jacuzzi. Or, for those not wanting to be in the water at all, a stroll along the stream is also rewarding, there are schools of fish swimming in the transparent stream, a collection of boulders and rocks carved into different shapes and colors by the water currents, and a small suspension bridge. There is some magnificent scenery to tempt any photographer, professional or amateur, but take care when climbing on the rocks as some are slippery and it is easy to fall.

Da Giang Stream is also a good place for camping. There are large flagstones and space by the forest to rest and chat with companions. I saw many local families and groups of young people bring food, fruit and drinks to the stream to eat and quench their thirst before and after their swim.