Performing martial arts in Hoi An
Update: Apr 17, 2009
The central ancient city of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province, already a popular destination for indigenous and international tourists with its ancient houses, temples and splendid scenery, is now attracting tourists to Vietnamese martial arts at the Ky Son martial arts club, 51/2 Phan Chau Trinh St.

Local members of the club recently hosted French group from Vacances Transat of BT. Transtravel Company in HCMC, including 28 people who had specifically come for the new martial art performances at the Hoi An club.

As well as the tuneful melodies of traditional Vietnamese songs, the group witnessed spectacular martial arts performances with strong, lissome and perfect moves.

The tourists were then encouraged to stand in line to learn basic moves of martial arts under the guidance of martial arts instructor Tran Xuan Man. Men and women, young and old, stretched their hands and moved their feet unsteadily, to the delight of the tour group.

This was followed by artisan Pham Thuc Hong performing calligraphy with soaring handwriting. The meaning and methods of the calligraphy were explained and some works were sold to bring home as souvenirs.

The group was also invited to enjoy tea and visit the exhibition house of Ky Son martial art club established by late martial arts master Truong Chuong in 1973.

During the visits to the club instructor Tran Xuan Man will explain martial arts and demonstrate a lesson in hopes that tourists can understand more about traditional martial arts of Vietnam and Quang Nam Province, as well as promoting the new tourist product of the ancient city.