Local cake among world’s top 100 delicious cakes
Update: Aug 11, 2021
 Tasteatlas, a renowned website for foodies globally, has named Vietnamese dish Pig Skin Cake among its top 100 Most Popular Cakes in the world.
"Banh da heo" of Vietnam is named among top 100 Most Popular Cakes in the world.
Pig Skin Cake, known as “Banh da heo” in Vietnamese, consists of chewy layers that are typically made from mashed mung beans, tapioca starch, rice flour, and either coconut milk or water.
“Each cake has a pale, yellow layer made with mung beans and a green layer that is flavoured and colored with pandan leaves, while optional ingredients include durian or taro,” according to Tasteatlas.
Once steamed and chilled, the cake is typically cut into diamond shapes for people to enjoy.
Completing Tasteatlas’ list of the top 100 delicious cakes worldwide are Pavlova of Australia, Kasutera of Japan, Cremeschnitte and Sachertorte of Austria, Black Forest Cherry Cake of Germany and Medovik of Russia. This is an addition to Cassata of Italy, Sernik of Poland, American desserts New York-style cheesecake and Molten Chocolate Cake.