Beyond Vinh Hy Bay
Update: Apr 22, 2009
Vinh Hy is blessed with unique beauty and charm; no matter how often you visit Vinh Hy and the surrounding areas, you will discover a new attraction every time.

First time visitors typically choose to take a cruise in the bay in Ninh Thuan Province to see the coral reefs and the many islands and rocks with their fascinating shapes, like an ear or a turtle, or a hand with fingers stretching to the sky.

Travelers on their second or third visits tend to opt for the boat voyage to the off-the-beaten-track areas. The pristine beaches and beautiful rocks will impress even the most seasoned traveler.

There many beaches to choose from suitable for both amateur and strong swimmers, such as Ba Dien (crazy woman), Tien (fairy) and Coc (cup) beaches in the bay, and Thung, Hoi, Binh Tien beaches which slope gently to the sea.

It takes more than an hour to reach these tranquil beaches, but the scenery on the way is breath-taking and the reward once you arrive is gentle waves, breezes blowing in from the sea and the sweet sound of waves lapping against the shore, especially if you are willing to take the 30 minute boat trip to some of the more remote beaches.

A boat driver called My told the Daily that he has transported numerous groups of tourists through the walls of high and rocks perched by the sea, all of whom have been overwhelmed by the picturesque beauty of the area.

The waves are constantly crashing against the walls of rocks. Over time the scene may change as the rocks are transformed by the waves, however the beauty and magnificence of Vinh Hy continue to attract visitors from near and far.

A one-day free-and-easy cruise is priced from VND2.8 million (around US$157) for a glass-bottom boat which can accommodate 50 passengers in a time. The rate is around VND1 million if you want a boat to cruise within Vinh Hy Bay and nearby sites of interest.

It is advisable to book the sea cruise at least one day ahead of your arrival during off-peak season and one week ahead during holidays.