The best way to taste Vietnamese coffee
Update: Jan 07, 2022
The flavor of Vietnamese coffee always leaves an unforgettable impression for any first-time drinker.

The brewing process, as well as the blend of coffee beans, create unique characteristics local coffee, which is unlike coffee anywhere else in the world. But what really makes the delicious taste of Vietnamese coffee? Many people think that it is thanks to the traditional way of roasting coffee beans that creates that special rich flavor. Vietnamese often roast coffee with rice wine, a little salt and butter.

In Vietnam, coffee has long been not a mere drink. Besides traditional coffees such as brown coffee or iced milk coffee, people also enjoy many other attractive variations of this famous drink.

Milk coffee

Most Vietnamese will drink coffee with sugar or condensed milk. In the North, pure black coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk is called brown coffee. While people in the South call it coffee with milk. Many people often choose to enjoy iced milk coffee, but there is still a 'hot version' for this drink.

Egg coffee

Egg yolks are whipped with condensed milk to form an attractive golden 'bubble layer' above the dense coffee layer that is the highlight of the drink. Egg coffee first appeared in Hanoi in the 1940s, when milk was scarce and people devised a way to use egg yolks instead. 'Café Giang' is a must-visit destination for those who want to enjoy this delicious drink in Hanoi.

Coconut coffee

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding the recipe origin of this coffee. However, one thing is for sure, it has become a favorite item of many young Vietnamese in the past few years. Black coffee with condensed milk is added with coconut milk to create a modern iced drink.

Not-to-miss cafes in Hanoi and Saigon

Hanoi is considered the center of coffee culture in Vietnam. Despite the fact that modern-style cafes are becoming more and more popular, traditional sidewalk shops are still packed with customers of all ages from morning to night. Here are some suggestions for travelers visiting the country's two largest metropolises:

'Coffee street' Trieu Viet Vuong

Known as 'Coffee Street', the street in Hai Ba Trung district has a variety of coffee shops more than anywhere else in Vietnam, ranging from traditional shops run by generations of families to modern and trendy cafes that are popular with young people. The favourite café of Hanoians, located at No. 117 Trieu Viet Vuong, has been here for three decades and it is still a destination of many coffee-gourmets in the capital city.

Giang Café

The trip to Hanoi seems to be incomplete if visitors miss the opportunity to enjoy the taste of egg coffee in its "homeland". Giang Cafe (39 Nguyen Huu Huan) was the first place to sell this drink since the 1940s. Since then, the taste of egg coffee here has been almost unchanged.

Pho Co Café

Tucked deep in a narrow passageway between stalls selling bags and backpacks, Pho Co Cafe is a destination where anyone can enjoy a direct view of Hoan Kiem Lake not far away. From the quiet balcony of the cafe, visitors can enjoy coffee while looking at the constant flow of traffic.

Cafe La Tamia

A retro-style cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, La Tamia (38/5 Tran Khac Chan) offers visitors an authentic look at old Saigon. Visitors can come here to relax on vintage sofas or admire the owner's collection of antique TVs and gramophones while sipping a great cup of coffee here.

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