Night performance to kick off Visit Vietnam Year in Quang Nam
Update: Mar 24, 2022
More than 200 dancers and artists will stage an art performance: ‘The My Son Sanctuary Legendary Night’ in the central province’s Duy Xuyen District today marking a significant event of the Visit Vietnam Year – Quang Nam 2022.

Dancers perform at the My Son Sanctuary in Quang Nam Province. The UNESCO-recognised world heritage site will stage a night performance to kick off the Visit Vietnam Year – Quang Nam 2022. — Photo courtesy of Mai Thanh Chuong

The province said the performance would begin at 4pm at the UNESCO-recognised world heritage site in Duy Phu Commune, 40km from Hoi An, featuring a series of cultural performances, arts and handcrafts demonstrations throughout the day.

Tourists enjoy visiting the palm forest in Cam Thanh Commune of Hoi An on a coracle. — Photo courtesy of EMIC

Visitors will explore the old culture of Cham people and the Vietnamese community by joining exhibitions and demonstrations of wood sculpture, weaving, terra-cotta, cuisine and the beauty of the Cham tower complex.

The My Son Sanctuary – a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site – has been well preserved since it was built thousands of years ago during the prosperous development of the Champa Kingdom between the 4th and 13th centuries.

French archaeologists and researchers found the My Son Sanctuary earlier in 1885. The first excavation and research on the Cham towers began in 1898-99 by Louis Finot and Launet de Lajongquere.

A rural view is seen outside Hoi An. — Photo courtesy of EMIC

The My Son Sanctuary is still a unique and mysterious archaeological site, and it remains a research centre for Cham culture – a defunct civilisation in Asia, according to local archaeologists.

In celebrations of the opening of the Visit Vietnam Year, the ancient town of Hoi An will host a balloon festival on Hoai River Square on March 25-26.

Meanwhile, a Balloon Day will be hosted by Da Nang City, marking the restart of international flight when Singapore Airlines and Thai Vietjet carry the first international tourists to Da Nang on March 27.

A bike tour is one of the favourite options among international travellers in Hoi An. — Photo courtesy of EMIC

The Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism will grant a 5-star rating to Silk Sense Resort, the fifth resort in Hoi An attaining the standard.

It’s also the first resort in Hoi An boosting the use of environmentally friendly products, including paper/bamboo straws, paper bags and paper cups.

Quang Nam’s tourism also welcomes a new recognised community-based tourism site in Cam Phu Village of Dien Ban Town. Twenty kilometres away from Hoi An, the town offers waste recycling into bio-dish washing liquid and soap from used cooking oil in an environment-friendly, circular economy, zero-waste and chemical-free farming.

A group of six agencies and tour operators – the FGV Group, the Hoi An Memories, Tan Thanh fishing village, Thien Minh Group, Silk Group and Phu Ninh Lake eco-tour – will also debut indigenous culture conservation tourism links in Quang Nam.

Cam Phu Village in Dien Ban Town is recognised as a new community-based tourism site in Quang Nam Province. The village has been building its ‘green’ tourism service for future sustainable development. — Photo courtesy of Cam Phu Village

The opening ceremony of the national tourism year will be organised at the Hoi An Memory Island – a sandbank natural emerged on the Thu Bon River banks – on the evening of March 26.

Quang Nam – home to the two UNESCO-recognised world heritage sites of My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An Town, and the world Biosphere Reserve Cham Island-Hoi An – plans to host 4.4 million tourists in 2022.

VNS - - March 24, 2022