Exploring Tien Phi cave – national landscape site of Hoa Binh
Update: Oct 03, 2023
Tien Phi cave, located on the top of Thuc hill, also known as Thung Phi hill in Tan Hoa ward of Hoa Binh city, Hoa Binh province was discovered in 1982 and recognised by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national-level landscape and relic site in June 2000.

Stalactites create magical beauty for Tien Phi cave, which is located in Tan Hoa ward of Hoa Binh city.

The cave is 80m above the land surface, with its entrance facing northeast. The entrance to the cave is a narrow rock crevice that slopes slightly towards the inside. The cave is divided into two compartments. The outer compartment is 15m long and 8m wide, with a 20m high arched ceiling. The partitions and ceiling have many stalactites and stone veins on them. On the dome of the cave, near the entrance, there is an opening to the top of the mountain, where natural light can enter, enhancing the sparkling beauty of the stalactites and stone veins in the cave. The inner compartment is 53m long and 20m wide, and the ceiling is 10m high.

Through the erosion of time, countless stalactites are created as wonderful creations of nature. When going more deeply into the cave, one will see more stalactites in different shapes, creating impressive sculptures and unique architectural blocks.

In the outer compartment of the cave, the walls and ceiling have many stalactites hanging down, creating vivid and impressive images like a fairyland. The shapes of stalactites vary, some look like fairies sleeping in a swinging multi-colored hammock, while others resemble fairies dressed in splendid brocade, flying and singing in the middle of the pink clouds. There are also stalactites in the shapes of Buddha, or animals like lions and turtle, and flowers.

At the end of the cave there is a semicircular well which is 3m wide, 30m deep, with clear, cool water.

Tien Phi is part of a complex of relic sites of Hoa Binh city, on the route going through Hoa Binh Prison, Hoa Binh Hydroelectric Plant, and Da River. With its stunning beauty, Tien Phi cave is expected to become a tourist destination drawing a large number of visitors.

Hoa Binh Newspaper - en.baohoabinh.com.vn - September 29, 2023