Ha Nam crowned as “World’s Leading Regional Cultural Destination 2023”
Update: Dec 07, 2023
(TITC) - Among this year's World Travel Awards that Vietnam tourism has won, Ha Nam, for the first time, was honoured as “World's Leading Regional Cultural Destination 2023”.

Tam Chuc tourist area (Photo: tamchuc.com.vn)

To wear the crown, Ha Nam has reckoned many strong nominees such as George Town, Malaysia; Gjirokastër, Albania; Kathmandu Valley, Nepal; Oaxaca, Mexico.

Ha Nam is located at the southern gateway of Ha Noi, about 65 km from the capital. This is a land rich in potential for developing spiritual, cultural, ecological and culinary tourism with historical relics, landscapes and famous craft villages.

Dia Tang Phi Lai Tu Pagoda (Photo: TITC)

The festival season usually takes place from the 1st to 3rd lunar month of  every year. On the full moon day of the 4th lunar month, there is Buddha Day (Vesak), suitable for visiting pagodas and temples. Ha Nam owns many famous pagodas in the country such as Tam Chuc Pagoda, Dia Tang Phi Lai Tu Pagoda, Ba Danh Pagoda… Noticeably, Tam Chuc is a large complex of spiritual landscapes, including Tam Chuc Pagoda, known as one of the largest pagodas in the world. This place not only has a majestic, pristine natural landscape, as beautiful as a paradise, but is also a place to nurture, develop and spread Buddhist cultural values at an international level.

Braising fishes in Vu Dai village (Photo: Collection)

In addition to famous pagodas, Ha Nam also owns many other scenic spots such as Ba Kien House - the prototype of Vu Dai Village, Kem Trong tourist area, Tran Thuong Temple, Vu Dai Braised-fish village, Doi Tam drum village, Nha Xa silk weaving village, Den Truc - Ngu Dong Son tourist area… When coming to Ha Nam, don't forget to taste the specialties that only the land of Ha Nam can create such a unique and delicious flavour such as Phu Ly grilled meat steamed rice rolls, vermicelli, perch rice noodle, braised fish of Vu Dai village, Binh Luc fiddler crab sauce, Voc Long Tuu, Dai Hoang banana…

Ha Nam is a land containing many rich and attractive cultural and historical values. Let's explore Ha Nam to see the beauty of "World's Leading Regional Cultural Destination"!

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