Enjoy cherry blossom in Dien Bien in New Year 2024
Update: Dec 12, 2023
(TITC) - As usual, cherry blossoms are about to bloom in the borderland in the North-west of Vietnam.

Cherry blossoms in spring are always one of a kind. Many people are fascinated and want to set foot in Japan just because of their infatuation with this flower. However, there is also a place where cherry blossoms bloom brilliantly in Vietnam.

The Dien Bien cherry blossom festival is held right after entering the new year 2024. As planned, this year, the festival is expected to last from 12th January to 14th January 2024. Accompanying this are activities that both imbue highland cultural identity and demonstrate Japanese-Vietnamese cultural exchange.

Cherry blossoms glow pink in the Dien Bien sunshine

Dien Bien cherry blossom festival is held at Hoa Island, Pa Khoang commune, Dien Bien Phu City. Cherry blossom island belongs to Pa Khoang lake tourist complex. Located at an altitude of over 1000m, the climate here is cool all year round, suitable for the growth of more than 20 different types of cherries sourced from Japan.

Cherry blossom island (Photo: dienbien.gov.vn)

Every cherry blossom season, the pristine scenery of this mountain lake becomes more poetic. The delicate cherry petals seem to dye the blue sky pink, silhouetted against the clear water.

As expected, the opening ceremony of the Cherry Blossom Festival will be held at 7th May Square of Dien Bien Phu City on 12th January 2024.

Cherry blossom season in Dien Bien (Photo: dienbien.gov.vn)

Have a party in the middle of the cherry forest and experience the borderland culture

​Coming to Dien Bien, visitors will freely relax next to the beautiful cherry blossom trees. The pink colour of the flowers, combined with the colour of the border mountains and forests, in any corner visitors can have for themselve beautiful photos.

In addition, this is also an opportunity for tourists to be introduced or directly participate in cultural exchanges of Vietnam - Japan, with the Thai, Mong, and Khmu ethnic groups. There will be activities such as dressing in a kimono, tea ceremony, making mochi, and playing Vietnamese folk games such as tossing shuttlecocks, pushing sticks, tug of war, and walking on stilts.

Travel to Dien Bien is easier than ever

Dien Bien Phu City is about 447km from Ha Noi centre to the north-west. Travelling by sleeper bus or driving yourself will take more than 9 hours. However, Dien Bien is the only province among the six northern border provinces of Vietnam that has a civil airport, therefore, visitors now can travel by plane to Dien Bien within up to an hour from Ha Noi. After nearly a year of closure for upgrading, in early December 2023, Dien Bien Airport has reopened with a much more luxurious interface. The runway can accommodate large aircraft. The airport space has also been renewed, clean and beautiful, not inferior to airports in other provinces and cities.

Currently, flights Ha Noi - Dien Bien by Vietnam Airline; VietJet Air operates flights Ha Noi - Dien Bien and Ho Chi Minh City - Dien Bien.

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