New check-in hotspot in Quang Ngai Province
Update: Jan 19, 2024
The flower capital of Nghia Ha commune in the Central Province of Quang Ngai is blooming brilliantly, attracting hundreds of tourists to visit and save beautiful images.

Understanding the needs of many nature lovers who tend to go to beautiful landscapes to have fun and take photos to mark their trips, the Nghia Ha Commune People's Committee and Nghia Ha Agricultural and Service Cooperative have planted and officially welcomed guests at the flower field in the commune from January 16.

Nghia Ha commune has all the favorable conditions for the development of flower trees, organic vegetables, and fruit trees. This locality has a long tradition of flower growing on an area of more than 40 hectares which brings income for local inhabitants. Vice Chairwoman of Nghia Ha Commune People's Committee Nguyen Thi Loan said that Nghia Ha Agricultural and Service Cooperative has built a production and business plan at 2 locations, including the flower field to serve tourists before, during and after the Lunar New Year. The cooperative is also working with the Environmental Company to sell flowers for the city’s landscape decoration during the special holiday.

Vice Chairman of the Quang Ngai City People's Committee Nguyen Lam disclosed that the city is oriented to developing community tourism in communes on the outskirts of the city, including developing Nghia Ha specialized flower village from 10 hectares to 30-50 hectares by diversifying flower types to increase flower growers’ income. On average, the total revenue in the Lunar New Year flower crop over 40 hectares is about VND 14 billion (US$568,948), flower growers earn about VND7 billion in profit. Flower growing has helped improve the economic condition of households in the commune.

Guests are welcomed at the flower field in the commune from January 16

The over 4,000-square-meter flower field with all varieties of flowers such as purple heather, star flowers, daisies, yellow mustard flowers, and coriander flowers is becoming a popular check-in destination.

Many tourists enjoy visiting the flower field.

By Nguyen Trang – Translated by Anh Quan

SGGP - - January 16, 2024