Tourism trend getting back to nature
Update: May 04, 2024
When the weather is extreme, it is becoming a trend for tourists in provinces and cities to return to nature to rest. This is a type of tourism that many people strive for.  

Tourists visiting Bai Xep - Ganh Ong (An Chan commune, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province), which used to be the scene of the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass"

Despite the sweltering weather during the April 30 and May 1 vacations, many visitors to the area of "Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass" are glad to capture photos of the magnificent natural beauty outdoors. This is a favorable signal and an advantage of Phu Yen tourism, which offers numerous pure natural landscapes, since the peak tourist season of the year is approaching.

Greeting the first dawn on land

During the holidays, thousands of tourists come to the national landscape of Bai Mon - Mui Dien (Dong Hoa Town) every day to welcome the dawn. Compared to previous years, visitors welcoming dawn in Bai Mon - Mui Dien this year received a sudden increase.

The sun rises early due to the beginning of summer. Since 4:30 a.m, travelers, particularly youthful groups and backpackers, have been pressing one another to ascend the mountain to catch the sunshine.

Hoàng Minh Thanh Tu from Ho Chi Minh City felt: "We were really overwhelmed when we reached the peak of Mui Dien - Mui Rang Dong, watching the vast sea and sky. The feeling of waiting for the sun to rise in a special place like Mui Dien increases the feeling of indescribable recoil. The sun in its flushing stage is clear, amniotic, and brilliant, like a gigantic tray on the water, beaming light everywhere. That scene is so refreshing, exciting, compensating for the previous tiring climb".

Explaining the sudden increase in the number of tourists to Bai Mon - Mui Dien on the past holiday, Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Thai, Director of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said: One of the main reasons is the good promotion for a long time associated with welcoming the new year's flag, welcoming the first tourists of the year, and welcoming the first sunrise on the Vietnamese mainland. The 65th Tien Phong Marathon National Championship 2024, including the flag-raising ceremony at Bai Mon - Mui Dien at the end of March, has increased awareness in Phu Yen.

“We are very happy that the first sunrise on the Vietnamese mainland at Bai Mon - Mui Dien national landmark has been spreading strongly to friends and visitors”, said Ms Nguyen Thi Hong Thai.

Getting back to nature, sea and islands

Although the weather in Phu Yen is quite sunny, in pristine natural destinations, especially in some famous coastal tourist destinations such as the special national relics Da Diaa Reef, Bai Xep, and Ganh Ong, which used to be the backdrop of the movie "I see yellow flowers on green grass," guests still enthusiastically take check-in photos due to the beautiful space and landscape.

Although it is sunny here, it is quite pleasant thanks to the sea breeze and open space with green trees, so it does not make people feel overwhelmed by the heat like in crowded cities. Thanks to that, our group of friends has spent the past two days taking photos in outdoor locations”.

In addition to the pristine sea and island, Phu Yen boasts highland mountains and forests. Van Hoa Plateau and Truc Lam Zen Monastery have recently become a must-visit destination for visitors to Phu Yen, especially those who have desires to heal their souls. Because it is located at an altitude of around 400 meters above sea level, it has the morphology of a temperate sub-region, with cool temperatures all year. Alternatively, mingling with forests and natural springs at Jrai Tang waterfall (Ea Trol commune, Song Hinh district) to avoid the hot sun while inhaling fresh air from the trees and soaking in cool water.

In the face of hustle and bustle and many pressures in life, people increasingly need to experience trips that help regain mental and physical balance. That is why nature tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Phu Yen's natural destinations, including mountains, forests, sea, and islands, offer significant opportunities for tourism development.

Translated by Hai Loan

Phu Yen News - - May 4, 2024