Phan Thiet gears up for Nghinh Ong Festival
Update: Aug 17, 2012
Local authorities in Binh Thuan Province have mapped out plans for Nghinh Ong Quan Thanh Festival 2012 in Phan Thiet City. As expected, the 9th biennial festival will take place from September 4- 6 (or July 19th-21st of the lunar calendar).

This is the traditional festival of the Chinese community in the city to pray for peace and a happy life for locals. The festival will begin with some important rituals at Ong Pagoda including a Buddhist prayer ceremony, whale worshipping and a ceremony where people release lanterns on the river to pray for a good life.


The highlight of the festival is the procession of Quan Thanh De Quan, accompanied by about 1,000 people doing folk performances in the city center. Quan, who was a general in Chinese history, symbolizes strength, courage, goodness and faith. There will be music shows, traditional Chinese fashion, dragon dances, tuong classic drama, martial arts and folk games.