Six attractive destinations
Update: Oct 23, 2013
Six northern provinces in Vietnam, including Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Thai Nguyen, Lang Son, Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang once a year organize the tourism program for tourists. One of important targets of the tourism program is to develop tours.




Ba Be Lake

Lang Son Province



Nature has bestowed Lang Son with a diverse range of natural landscapes, with the province boasting mountains, caves and caverns, such as Tam Thanh Cavern, Nhi Thanh Cavern, Wind Cave, Grotto of Fairies and Mau Son Mountain. One of most outstanding heritage populations is Tam Thanh-Nhi Thanh Cavern, Mac Citadel and To Thi Mountain. Together with beautiful natural landscapes, old architecture and mysterious caves, Lang Son Province also has preserved many historical monuments associated with luminaries such as Ngo Thi Si and Nguyen Du.


Lang Son Province also has many historical and revolutionary relics associated with historical events from the feudal system such as Chi Lang Pass, Muc Nam Quan Pass and Mac Citadel. Lang Son Province was also revolutionary base with Bac Son Guerrilla Area. In particular, on September 23, 2013, the prime minister signed Decision 1714/QD-TTg on the recognition of eight safe zones in Lang Son Province, including Tan Lap, Tan Huong, Hung Vu, Vu Le, Vu Lang, Bac Son, Quynh Son and Huu Vinh.


Lang Son Province is also an attractive destination for tourists with Mau Son Mountain. Mau Son Mountain is located 30km from Lang Son City, lies at an altitude of 1,541m with a temperate climate. Tourists can enjoy fresh air in Mau Son Mountain. On August 20, 2013, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism signed a decision to rank national relic for Mau Son Archaeological Area.


Cao Bang Province


Pac Bo National Monument and Ho Chi Minh Temple are two outstanding points in Cao Bang Province. In addition, Ban Gioc Falls is one of the most beautiful falls in Vietnam. The falls brings a majestic and primitive beauty. Nguom Ngao Cave is located 3km from Ban Gioc Falls with lots of beautiful stalactites. Moreover, Thang Hen ecotourism area in Tra Linh District with 36 beautiful lakes on high mountains and cool climate all year is an ideal destination for tourists.


Bac Kan Province


Bac Kan Province has Na Tu Historical Relic and Ba Be Lake. Tourists can visit Ba Be National Park, go by boat along Nang River to enjoy fresh air and contemplate a majestic and primitive beauty. Ba Be Lake was recognized as national historical monument in 1996. In 2004, Ba Be Lake was recognized as ASEAN Heritage Parks. Tourists visiting Bac Kan Province can attend famous festivals, play traditional folk games and taste special dishes.


Thai Nguyen Province


ATK Dinh Hoa National Historical Relic in Nui Coc Lake has a mysterious beauty. Another beautiful landscape in Thai Nguyen Province is Phoenix Cave in Phoenix Mountain in Vo Nhai District. The cave is located 45km from Thai Nguyen City. In addition, Mo Ga Stream is located at the foot of the mountain. Phoenix Cave, Phoenix Mountain and Mo Ga Stream are three most beautiful landscapes in Thai Nguyen Province.


Tuyen Quang Province


Tuyen Quang Province has Tan Trao National Relic. Main relics in Tan Trao include Tan Trao Communal House, Tan Trao Banian Tree, Na Lua Tent and Bong Cave. Hong Thai Communal House was a place to respond general uprising movement of the party. Tourists visiting Tuyen Quang Province can visit Na Hang ecotourism area, bathe hot spring and taste special dishes.


Ha Giang Province


Ha Giang Province is famous with Dong Van Rocky Plateau. In addition, Quan Ban Twin Mountain is also an attractive destination for tourists. Khau Vai Rendezvous is one of charming markets in Vietnam and opens up on March 27 according to lunar calendar each year.