The world reflected in the Vietnamese ao dai
Update: Apr 17, 2014
The ao dai show is a perennial highlight of the annual Hue Festival, attracting a large number of visitors. This year’s event, themed “The World reflected in the Vietnamese ao dai” last night featured nearly 600 patterns bringing audiences to many countries around the world.

The party of colours and styles through “the world eflected in Vietnamese Ao dai” attracted 18 designers across the country with models from Hanoi, Hue and Ho Chi Minh City.

Each of the 600 latest designs of Ao dai featured not only the perpetual elegance of the Vietnamese traditional long dress but also the glamour and distinctive characteristics of many countries over the world.

Designer Thuong Huyen brought to show her special collection which carries Japanese-styled patterns, while Lan Huong’s collection introduced the Netherlands’ tulips through hand-embroidered features.

China’ beauty was highlighted in designer Duc Hai’s collection. Meanwhile Chu La came up with his host Spain country’s images through designs made by Vietnamese silk.

As part of the on-going Hue Festival 2014, the Ao dai show contributed to honouring both traditional beauties and contemporary styles.

A similar show will also held on April 17.