Dong Son culture introduced in RoK
Update: Jul 16, 2014
The Jeju National Museum is prominently displaying 400 artefacts from Viet Nam’s bronze age Dong Son culture at an exhibition in the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The event focuses on three themes: “Pre-Dong Son Cultures”, “the Red River and Dong Son culture”, and “Cultures at metal age in central and southern Viet Nam”.

On display are materials depicting the spiritual lives of the Dong Son people, their main economic industries (rice cultivation and metallurgy and bronze casting) and items related to the founding of the first state-Van Lang.

Special artefacts showcased include a bronze drum, bronze jar, jewellery, and hunting tools.

The Dong Son culture develops directly from pre-Dong Son cultures in the Red River, Ma River and Lam River valleys in northern Viet Nam. It dated from the 7th century BC to the 1st century AD.

The organizing board said that the exhibition running until September 10, gives Korean and international friends an insight into Viet Nam’s long-standing cultural and historical traditions. The next exhibition on Dong Son culture will be staged in the RoK’s Naju National Museum.