A visit to twin towers in Binh Dinh
Update: Aug 12, 2014
It’s a must for travelers to the central coast province of Binh Dinh to visit Doi Tower (twin towers) as the towers have a unique architecture of both Cham and Khmer people.

The two towers, which stand next to each other, are located in downtown Qui Nhon City on Tran Hung Dao Street, a main street leading to the city. The 20m tall towers were built from bricks in bright red color in trapezium shape with huge pillars and a curled roof. Their main gates look towards the east side to welcome the rising sun.

Scientists estimate that the towers were created during the 11th and the 13th century. The roof and external walls have carved paintings of deities, holly birds and animals in the religion of Cham people. Especially, there are huge Garuda bird deity sculptures with two open arms raised into the air, and animals, elephant heads, lion bodies and monkeys on the rooftop.

In the main tower’s hall, there is an altar to worship giant linga and yoni stone statues in white color to represent man’s maintenance and immortality. 

The towers were heavily damaged in wartime. However, Polish experts together with local archaeologists in 1991-1997 joined hands to restore the site with funding from the Government. They have helped bring the towers to their original shapes.

The site is not only a cultural and historical research place but also an interesting sightseeing spot for tourists to Binh Dinh.