Khmer celebrate Sene Dolta Festival
Update: Sep 23, 2014
Thousands of Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region are celebrating the Sene Dolta festival, a joyful annual celebration to honour ancestors.

Thanks to the State and Government’s efforts, living conditions have improved for the Khmer community in Tra Vinh province. Many residents are celebrating the festival in their new home, with more than 40,000 Khmer households provided with housing assistance under the Prime Minister’s Decision No.167/TTg.

Additionally, the province invested in building and upgrading irrigation systems, transport infrastructure and schools.

The province aims to provide access to electricity for 18,900 households in remote areas by the end of 2014, increasing the proportion of Khmer households supplied with power from 92.93 percent to 95.76 percent.

Meanwhile, Khmer people in Soc Trang province are enjoying a successful harvest. Prices for rice and farm produce increased significantly, raising their income.

Sene Dolta is one of the largest annual Khmer festivals, along with Chol Chnam Thmay (New Year) and Ooc Oom Bok, a festival that pays tribute to the Moon for good harvests.

During the Sene Dolta festival, Khmer people get together to pay tribute to their ancestors and enjoy traditional songs and dance after a hard year’s work.

This year’s event is held from September 22-24. On this occasion, authorities in the Mekong Delta provinces, home to a large population of Khmer, organised meetings and visited dignitaries and monks at a number of pagodas as well as local Khmer residents in their communities.