Chua Hang – an exotic pagoda on Ly Son
Update: Nov 26, 2014
On Ly Son Island, an hour-long high-speed boat ride from mainland Quang Ngai Province on the central coast, there are two pagodas which are recommended as must-see destinations for visitors. They are Chua Duc (Duc Pagoda) and Chua Hang (Hang Pagoda).

The author of this article just talks about Chua Hang as there is something special about it.

It is called Hang since it is located inside a natural cave in Thoi Loi Mountain, the tallest among the five mountains on the 10-square-kilometer island in the East Sea. The cave is 20 meters wide, 24 meters long and three meters high at most.

Tran Du, who has been overseen the pagoda for the past 25 years, says there has been no single monk since it was set up around 400 years ago. According to him, he belongs to the 18th generation of a Tran family on the island that manages this old pagoda.

The pagoda normally has few visitors since it is on an island that is 24 kilometers from the shore while there is just one high-speed boat service a day. But if you have a chance to go to Ly Son, you should drop by Chua Hang to witness the beauty of the area.