Hectic Tuy Hoa fishing port at dawn
Update: Dec 10, 2014
Visitors traveling to Tuy Hoa fishing port located in the coastal city of Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province at around 5 a.m. will have a chance to see how local fishermen begin the day early in the morning.

The fishing port is among the hectic trading places in the coastal city. To local fishermen and traders, this is the most significant time when fishing boats laden with seafood return to the port after fishing trips.

A lot of baskets full of freshly-caught seafood are transported ashore one after another by suntanned men whose weather-battered faces always show happiness for their work. Meanwhile, traders swiftly pick some baskets containing the freshest seafood and then deliver to many other places.

The fishing port is also very famous for the best tuna with certain ones weighing up to hundreds of kilograms.

Heading for the trading area situated right in the port, visitors will get amazed by the bustle and hustle of buyers and sellers. A wide variety of fresh seafood such as fish, crab, prawn and squid are offered for sale. Some people say seafood bought at the port is not actually cheaper than in other markets but they can choose the freshest items.

In addition to local people, a lot of tourists paying a visit to Phu Yen Province prefer going shopping at Tuy Hoa fishing port early in the morning. They can also admire the beautiful sunrise over the horizon and fishing boats busily checking in and out at the same time.

Despite hard work under the sun, Phu Yen fishermen always give a broad grin on their faces. To them, every fishing trip full of fish is a great happiness in the daily lives.