Heading towards the 55th anniversary of Viet Nam tourism industry
Update: Mar 20, 2015
(TITC) – In 2015, Viet Nam tourism industry will celebrate the 55th anniversary (July 9, 1960-2015). This event remains an important marker of the industry’s development process, especially in the period of international integration of the country.

The plan for the 55th anniversary of Viet Nam tourism industry promulgated by Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) sets goals: raising the public’s awareness of the tourism industry’s importance and contribution to the national socio-economic development; maintaining the tourism’s role; upholding the pride of the people working in tourism of the glorious tradition during the past 55 years; heightening responsibility in developing tourism; and encouraging the whole industry to improve quality of products and services, fulfil the objectives of receiving tourists and total revenue.

According to the plan, activities directed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and implemented by VNAT include: organizing the 55th anniversary celebration of Viet Nam tourism industry; honouring leading tourism businesses and awarding medal “For the cause of Culture, Sports and Tourism” to individuals who have significantly contributed to the tourism industry’s development; hosting national seminar on innovative solutions to develop Viet Nam tourism in the new period; propagating Viet Nam tourism’s 55 years of development in VITM Ha Noi 2015; and other communication activities.

On this occasion, VNAT also asked Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Tourism Departments of the provinces, cities and tourism businesses to actively participate in activities heading towards the 55th anniversary of Viet Nam tourism industry: developing new tourism products, focusing on environmental protection and improving image of safe and friendly destinations…

Hong Nhung