Vietnamese culture shines in Argentina
Update: Jun 22, 2015
A seminar on Vietnamese culture took place at the Salvador University in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 20.

At the seminar, Chairperson Poldi Sosa from the Argentina-Viet Nam Cultural Institute (ICAV) shared her experience during several Viet Nam visits, stressing the country’s rich history and cultural diversity.

Vietnamese people are friendly and have impressive cuisine, she said, adding that her agency has twinned with a university in northern Quang Ninh province to step up Viet Nam-Argentina cultural exchange efforts.

A representative from the Viet Nam Embassy in Argentina presented major Vietnamese features, including a range of UNESCO-recognised heritages and appealing destinations.

According to Pablo Maersk Nielsen, Head of Salvador University’s history, geography and tourism faculty, the seminar enhanced his students’ knowledge about Viet Nam, an active member of the Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN).

At the event, a documentary on the Viet Nam War and the aftermath of dioxin, a chemical sprayed in the country by the US during war time, was screened.