A specialty of Cham people
Update: Jul 27, 2015
Tung lamaow is a famous traditional dish of Cham people in the border town of Chau Doc in An Giang Province. To eat it, people in HCMC previously had to travel to An Giang but today they do not have to do that as in the heart of HCMC there is a restaurant called Hem serving this dish.

Hem restaurant serves tung lamaow which is prepared by Cham people from An Giang, so gourmets can enjoy the true taste of the dish.

At first glance, tung lamaow looks like Chinese sausage but actually, it is different. While Chinese sausage is made from pork, tung lamaow is made from beef because Cham people in An Giang Province are Muslims, so they do not eat pork.

Tung lamaow is wrapped by cow intestines while its filling includes beef, cow’s fat, rice, garlic and pepper. After that, it is dried for three days.

To eat tung lamaow, Cham people grill or steam it. At Hem restaurant, guests can only find grilled tung lamaow. When sticks of tung lamaow are grilled, a mouth-watering aroma will spread all over the place and stimulate your appetite.

At Hem restaurant, tung lamaow is served with fish sauce, salad, and bread or rice.

The restaurant is located at 40/25 Bui Vien Street, District 1.