Attractive beauty of Ke Ga Cape, Binh Thuan
Update: Apr 21, 2016
(TITC) – Ke Ga Cape - a promontory shaped chicken head, is a wonderful destination with unique experiences.

Located in Tan Thanh Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province, Ke Ga Cape is not crowded and bustling, but peaceful, quiet, wild and idyllic.

Indeed, Ke Ga Cape is a small island (called Ba island), about 500 meters from the mainland. Tides have turned this place into an isolated island which is surrounded by blue sea. When the tides recede, a strip of sand will reveal connecting the mainland with Ke Ga Cape.

On the way to Ke Ga Cape, visitors can see majestic beauty of nature. The landscape will constantly change from straight-lined clump dragon trees on slope of hills to the white sand-covered dures. Reaching the beach, visitors will feel pure air and salty taste of the sea. The blue sea will welcome everybody with open space and fresh asmostphere.

Ke Ga Cape brings visitors strong experiences with rocks of all sizes called “Rock Garden” by local people. The rocks in various shapes: round, square, long, short ... were stacked together creating a beautiful picture which was endowed by nature mother.

Being considered as the most beautiful island of Phan Thiet, Ke Ga Cape has become a must-see destination of everybody. The place has a lighthouse where visitors can contemplate the most beautiful beach scenery. It was built by the French to help vessels identifying direction. The building materials of the lighthouse were shipped from France.

According to historical records, Ke Ga Cape possesses an essential location in the sea area from Phan Rang to Vung Tau. Since previous centuries, many merchant ships were sunk because they could not determine exactly the direction. Hence, within 2 years (1897-1899), the French had surveyed to build the lighthouse aiming to support French’s military transportation and foreign merchant ships. By 1900, Ke Ga lighthouse came into operation. On the top of the lighthouse, there was a big 2,000W light visible for 22 nautical miles (approximately 40 kilometers).

Visiting Ke Ga Cape, visitors will be surprised by exploring this oldest and highest lighthouse of Viet Nam and Southeast Asia.

Presently, Ke Ga lighthouse is no longer working thanks to the development of marine locating equipment. However, this “marine eye” has become not only an ideal destination but also a "live document" of unique architecture which has been existing for 120 years.

Pham Thanh