Dong Xam silver craft village
Update: Aug 18, 2016
Dong Xam is a famous silver carving craft village in Thai Binh province. The village also embraces a rich cultural tradition.

Dong Xam village is about 10 km from Kien Xuong township. It belongs to Hong Thai commune, Kien Xuong district. 

Located in the center of the village, Dong Xam temple is an imposing architectural complex which comprises 40 apartments and covers approximately a thousand square meters. 

Dong Xam temple is dedicated to Nguyen Kim Lau, the founder of the village’s traditional silver carving craft. 

Nguyen Xuan Ngan, head of the temple said “Previously, the temple was very small, but beautiful with a curving roof. The roof are supports carved with a red letter meaning “Longevity”. The temple was renovated after Thai Binh became a separate province”.

Dong Xam village is well-known for its silver carving craft and skillful artisans. The craft has been handed down through generations. 

In recent years, villagers have also carved bronze products such as bronze trays, bronze paintings, and worshipping objects. 

Craftsman Pham Van Tu in Dong Xam village said “This is our traditional craft handed down by my grandparents. We are busier during the first and last months of the year. Our products are mainly for worshiping, decoration, and gift purposes. The secret of the craft is revealed by father to son only. Dong Xam products are unique”.

Local craftsman Nguyen Thi Nga said “We only batter the products. Many other steps need to be done after this step to make a complete product like plaiting, coloring, polishing, and framing. Young people can learn the craft easily. Senior craftsmen are often in charge of the more difficult steps. Elder people often do the coloring. The sharpening step is the most difficult”.

Tung Chi, Nga’s daughter, is learning the craft. She said, “My mother has pursued this craft for more than 20 years. The business is stable. I’m now a 12th grader. I help my mother whenever I have free time”.

Dong Xam village is famous for not only silver and bronze carving but also its skilled artisans whose products are admired for their sophisticated designs and high quality.