Traditional cultural preservation in Hung Hoc village festival in Quang Ninh province
Update: Feb 20, 2014
Many people in Hung Hoc village, Nam Hoa precinct, Quang Yen town, the northern province of Quang Ninh, enjoyed their village festival which has been reinstated for over 20 years.

The festival commemorates the village guardian angel to support peace for people, pray for good weather, good harvest and good fishing.

The event highlights the good customs and traditions of local people, contributing to teach the spirit of love for the homeland and improve people’s awareness of preserving the traditional culture of Vietnam.

Offerings to the spirit include a five-fruit tray, square cakes, traditional foods and a carefully decorated pig palanquin. After the incense offering ceremony, many folk games were held to attract many local people.

Especially, at the festival, a ceremony to congratulate local elders on their longevity was held. This year, the village wished best wishes and good health to 19 old people from 70 years old to 90 years old.