Promoting Ha Long Bay in Jeju island
Update: Jul 31, 2014
Quang Ninh province and South Korea’s Jeju province will cooperate to promote the images of Ha Long Bay and Jeju island.

According to Quang Ninh’s official letter sent to Jeju, Quang Ninh and Jeju will give each other active support for promoting the image of Ha Long Bay in Korea and the image of Jeju island in Viet Nam.

Quang Ninh will provide Jeju with lots of Ha Long beautiful pictures and basic information which will be displayed on electronic boards in the centre of Jeju island.

Jeju is also allowed to put several boards promoting the image of the island in the Bai Chay Cruise Port in Ha Long city.

This activity is part of an agreement on tourism cooperation singed between the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Ninh and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of the special autonomous province Jeju (South Korea) in October 2013.

Jeju Island, also known as the "Island of the Gods," is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and many Japanese. It remains one of the top honeymoon destinations for Korean newlyweds. The island's mixture of volcanic rock, frequent rains, and temperate climate, make it very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities such as hiking on Halla-san (South Korea's highest peak), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing majestic waterfalls, riding horses, or just lying around on the sandy beaches.

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