Thanh Hoa province works to draw tourists
Update: Apr 03, 2015
Tourism authorities in the central north coastal province of Thanh Hoa are taking practical measures to target five million tourists and 158.6 million USD in revenue during 2015.

The measures involve improving the quality of hospitality services, amplifying the tourism workforce and diversifying products.

It also includes plans to mitigate un-friendly behaviors, including scams, begging, aggressiveness or rudeness towards tourists.

The initiatives are set to be applied to all its tourist destinations in the province from the famous beach Sam Son to historical sites.

Thanh Hoa will also continue the restoration of national historic relics and develop seaside resort areas.

The central province now has 672 guesthouses and hotels with a capacity of 14,000 rooms, 75 hotels of which are from one to four stars with over 4,000 rooms.

There are 16,000 people working in the provincial hospitality industry, which grew 22.6 percent annually.