Vietnamese fried spring roll (Nem Ran) listed in the top 10 world best cuisines
Update: Jun 22, 2015
(TITC) – On June 15, 2015, the Cable News Network (CNN-USA) announced the list of top 10 best cuisines including fried spring roll of Viet Nam.

According to CNN, for traveling foodies, local cuisine is as important as the destination itself when planning a trip.

To highlight the most popular cuisines on the planet right now, CNN asked the readers to vote for their favorite culinary destination in an open Facebook poll.

The results revealed that Asian food is on people's minds these days. With the exception of Italy (Parmigiano-reggiano) and Greece (grilled kebab), the remaining destinations on the list are in Asia including Taiwan (beef noodles), Philippines (adobo), Thailand (fried chicken), Japan (Kobe beef kaiseki), Malaysia (laksa), Hong Kong (Dim Sum), India (Bengali thala ) and Viet Nam (fried spring roll).

“Featuring a crispy shell with a soft veggie and meat filling, they're dunked in a tangy sauce,” says the website about fried spring roll of Viet Nam. 

The website also described: “the spectrum of Vietnamese dishes is surprisingly refined and diverse for such a small country. Each city - even each village - may have its own list of unique local specialties. Even common national dishes vary dramatically in the way that each community prepares and serves them. The cheapest and one of the most delicious places to encounter authentic Vietnamese cuisine is in a traditional open-air market. Here single-dish food stalls, run mostly by women, offer finely crafted delights passed down from mother to daughter for generations”.

Pham Thanh