Mist in Ham Rong Mount
Mist in Ham Rong Mount   (Jul 03, 2014)
Ham Rong Mountain, which belongs to the majestic Hoang Lien Son Range in Sapa District, Lao Cai Province and is about 30 kilometers from Lao Cai Town, looks like a jaw of a dragon opening wide to the sky. It is an intoxicating scenery when the whole landscape is blanketed in the mist.
Sa Pa Culture Tourism Week 2014
(TITC) - Sa Pa Culture Tourism Week 2014 will be held in Sa Pa Town, Lao Cai Province from 29 April to 4 May 2014 to promote the unique values…
HCMC to receive chartered flights every week
The city's tourism will receive international tourists from chartered flights every week since early December under a new deal between HCMC's tour operators with travel firms in Sweden.