Khmer people prepare for Ok Om Bok Festival
The Ok Om Bok Festival – Ngo Junk Race will be held in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang from Saturday to next Monday. Some months before the festival, pagodas encouraged Buddhist followers and young mento train for the junk race. This is an important community event to preserve this unique cultural and sport festival and strengthen community bonds.
Ok Om Bok festival in Soc Trang provides new features
The Ok Om Bok Festival, also known as the Festival of Worshipping the Moon, will take place in the Mekong Delta province of Soc Trang, from October 28 to November…
Khmer celebrate Ok Om Bok festival
Ok Om Bok Festival, also called the Festival of Worshipping the Moon, took place in the Ao Ba Om (Ba Om Pond) relic site in the southern province of Tra…
Ok Om Bok 2016 festival promises exciting boat race
The ethic Khmer people in the southern province of Soc Trang are looking forward to their traditional Ok Om Bok festival from November 13-14, particularly the Ghe Ngo (Khmer boat) race.
Kathina festival in Soc Trang province
The month-long Kathina Festival, a Buddhist festival held in Doi Pagoda, Soc Trang province often starts on lunar September 15th, before the Ok Om Bok Festival.
Events celebrate Khmer’s Ok-Om-Bok festival
A host of events were scheduled to celebrate ethnic Khmer people’s Ok-Om-Bok (worshipping the moon) festival in southern Tra Vinh province from November 20 to 25. 
Soc Trang to host 2nd ‘Ngo’ Boat Race Festival
The second ‘Ngo’ Boat Race Festival of the ethnic Khmer people in the Mekong Delta region will be held from November 23-25 in Soc Trang Province.
Ok-Om-Bok festival recognised as national heritage
The Ok-Om-Bok festival officially received the title of ‘National Intangible Cultural Heritage’ at a ceremony held at Ba Om Pond historic national site on November 6.
Ok-Om-Bok festival named national intangible heritage
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has announced the recognition of the Ok-Om-Bok festival as the 4th national intangible cultural heritage of southern Tra Vinh province.