Oldest fire station in New South Wales to become “Viet Nam House”
The oldest fire station in New South Wales, Australia, will be turned into a “Viet Nam House”, its new owner has said.  
“Viet Nam House” project introduced in France
Viet Nam Tourism Ambassador to France Anoa Suzanne Dussol Perran introduced the “Viet Nam House” project at a ceremony on September 22.
The 14th Hoi An – Japan cultural exchange and flower lantern festival 2016
Hoi An – Japan Cultural Exchange has been an annual event since 2003. After 13 years of organizing, the event has gained the great effect attracting public attention and left…
Viet Nam House in Ottawa attracts visitors
The Viet Nam House in Ottawa, Canada, attracted hundreds of visitors on June 4 and 5, as part of the 2016 Doors Open Ottawa event. 
Viet Nam House in Canada welcomes visitors
More than 400 people visited the Viet Nam House in the Canadian capital Ottawa when it opened to the public for a second year on June 7.
Viet Nam House in Canada appeals to public
The Viet Nam House in capital city Ottawa, Canada, became a magnet for visitors after it was opened to the public on June 8.